Naghmeh Shafiee
We have had Monsieur Roy as a French tutor for our three children for three years, and have seen progress in the children's French writing and reading, in which their grades increased and improved. Monsieur Roy is a fun and flexible teacher. Kids love learning French and think he is amazing
With bilingualism being such an asset today in the future work force, I decided to put my daughter in French Immersion, but it is hard for her since we don't speak it in the home. Tutor Plus helped her improve her reading skills. She is now able to figure out her work on her own. She is also more confident when speaking French. She can probably teach me now!
This tutor was able to work around my schedule. He was accommodating and flexible and as a bonus, was able to find activities targeted towards her specific needs. I would recommend this program to anyone who has a special needs child.
I was very impressed that the tutor was able to meet with my son at my convenience, with his after school activities and my job, there isn't always room for extra learning which he so desperately needed. Thank you so much !
Upon arriving to Canada from Bangladesh, I was sure it would be difficult and overwhelming to learn English, which I could barely get by in at the time. I was surprised and relieved with the patent and supportive tutor who helped me to achieve my dream of learning a second language of English. Thank you!